CRAFT International Animation Festival is a biennial nichfilm festival, focusing on craft made animations. The basic idea of the CRAFT International Animation Festival is to create a counterbalance to dominant, in this part of the world, 3D animation, by consulting Indonesian young artists & audience with classic animation techniques, through the opportunity to meet the artists, to join workshops, and screenings, as well as to create a platform combining traditional methods (analogue animation art / a materials-focused practice) with digital tools. The aim of the festival is to show the limitless possibilities of animation and the widening of visual awareness of young artists; stimulate their imagination and curiosity to trigger inspirations for their own original projects. By the CRAFT we also want to combine animation with other arts, such as music, visual arts, craft arts, theatre, etc. CRAFT is a celebration of craftsmanship and talent, but also to commune with authenticity, diversity and physicality. 

The First Edition

Held in the city of culture and art, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the first edition of CRAFT International Animation Festival was successfully happened on 24-28 October 2017. As a beginner, we received more than 300 film submissions.

It was a remarkable five days with screenings and competitions of 115 films, from more than 40 countries. It was a five days of artists collaborations, workshops and discussions. It was a beautiful networking experience between attended artists, filmmakers, our team, our 17 animation fanatic volunteers and the 510 visitors.