Ap. 61’

1. Apple of my eye / Dir. Davide Benvenuti / 2018 Singapore / 05:50 / 3D animation / PROFESSIONAL / Prod: no dialogue or commentaries

On a strange planet Two character are fighting over the last scrap of food.

2. Blindlights / Dir. Kenaya Gabriel / 2018 Indonesia / 09:39 / Digital Drawing / STUDENTdialogues and commentaries (film not in English must be subtitled in English)

Tells about an immigration officer named Bliss who works day and night facing immigrants who want to enter the city. Bliss had to give permission to anyone who could enter the city, therefore he was burdened by the weight of responsibility given by Mother, the ruler in the city he lived in. This story is told from the point of view of the story maker.

3. Case Full Of Doom / Dir. Narendra Pangaribawa / 2018 Indonesia / 08:25 / Traditional Cut-Out Animation/Digital Cut-Out / STUDENT / dialogues and commentaries (film not in English must be subtitled in English)

In the near future a crack cocaine junkie accidentally stole a black briefcase from an American agent without realizing that a nuclear launcher is in that case.

4. Catus Pocus/ Dir. Merry Wijaya, Yujin Sick / 2019 Indonesia / 02:57 / Digital Drawing / PROFESSIONAL / Prod: Percolate Galactic / dialogues and commentaries (film not in English must be subtitled in English)

After watching a palm reading online tutorial video, Lana wants to practice her new skills by trying to read her beloved cat Bowie’s paw. A look inside the mind of a cat: what’s the worst that could happen? Bowie maybe… has dark plans for the future of humankind. Well, at least he’s cute.

5. Cookies Samurai / Dir. Darsan Marco Tanuardy / 2018 Indonesia / 07:25 / 3D animation / STUDENT/ Prod: Gemazh Motion / dialogues and commentaries (film not in English must be subtitled in English)

The complete ordinary house becomes a fantasy land once Nathia, a three-year-old toddler ventures with her dog to take her jar of cookies which her mom placed on a high shelf.

6. Dance / Dir. Sirada Chitvathananont / 2017-2018 Thailand / 04:02 / Digital Drawing / STUDENT / no dialogue or commentaries

Whether genders we define ourselves, we deserve happiness from self-discovery and self-acceptance. From this joy, we can even spread love and kindness to other people, and celebrate the diversity of humankind.

7. Dandelion in the Wind / Dir. Giang Do Thi Ngan / 2018 Singapore / 03:33 / Traditional Drawing Animation / STUDENT / no dialogue or commentaries

A man, while looking for his dog, stumbles upon a magical world of dreams.

8. Grounded (org. THA DI YA DEL) / Dir. Nyan Kyal Say / 2018 Myanmar / 03:56 / Digital Drawing / PROFESSIONAL/ Prod. Pencell Animation Studio / dialogues and commentaries with English sub.

An animated music video that is going to blow your feelings out, and make you miss something, someone or some moment in your life. This animated music video is produced by Pencell Animation Studio, and the music is electro rock, alternative created by Big Bag Band.

9. Hidden Zone (org. 隱匿的方寸空間) / Dir. Chee Chong / 2019 Malaysia / 09:20 / Traditional Drawing Animation/Digital Drawing / STUDENT/ no dialogue or commentaries

The “Hidden Zone” expressed the self-presentation manners of an individual in a group with four plots-“Looking-Glass Self”, “Impression Management”, “Herd Behavior” and “Defense Mechanism”-by using symbolic and imagery visual presentation symbols such as mask, lock, mirror, chair, group actions, scene change, etc. to reveal the consequences of an individual falls in a group and lose itself in order to trigger viewer’s attention and consideration of its self-existence. The animation ends with the protagonist revealing his true self and open his heart wide to deliver the core of this creation- strive to show your true self.

10. KO Scotty / Dir. Thee Khanthavit / 2018 Thailand / 05:15 / Digital Drawing / PROFESSIONAL / dialogues and commentaries (film not in English must be subtitled in English)

Scotty is a young bear who turns to be a Muay Thai kick boxer. He got fired from a company after the financial crisis. Until one day, he got an invitation from his coach to a fight with a champion. Let’s see what’s the final result? And how has Scotty learned from this fight.


Ap. 67’

11. Life of Death/ Dir. Jason Kiantoro, Bryan Arfiandy / 2018 Indonesia / 05:23 / Digital Drawing and Painting / STUDENT/ Prod: Pentamotion / dialogues and commentaries (film in English)

Death, while struggling to balance his work and family life, talks about his existence, his job, and his opinions on human beings in an interview from the animated mockumentary ‘Life of Death’.

12. Love Bites / Dir. Carl Joseph E. Papa / 2017 Philippines / 14:49 / Puppet Animation + 2D / PROFESSIONAL / Prod: Black Maria Pictures / no dialogue or commentaries

In a busy pub in Quezon City, a grieving old man and a lively old woman learn that two halves make one whole.

13. Marzuki / Dir. Muhammad Syahalam / 2018 Indonesia / 06:52 / Digital Drawing / STUDENT / / dialogues and commentaries (film in Indonesian, subtitled in English)

Marzuki is a film about a former soccer athlete who spent the rest of his life as an honorary teacher to support himself and his family. Waiting for the government’s promise that never came, made him continue to hope without certainty. He had taken various ways, but there were still not a few hopes seen until the end of his life.

14. Memorial / Dir. Natchapat and Natthawat Jamtaksa / 2018 Thailand / 05:01 / 3D Animation / STUDENT / Prod: Rangsit University / no dialogue or commentaries

After the war comes to an end in the country, a teenage girl takes a train back to her childhood town, where she had left during the war. Then the yearning brings back her memories of her father.

15. Playing Cards/ Dir. Vanessa Ng / 2018-2019 Singapore / 02:30 / Digital Drawing / STUDENT / Prod: Panic Room Studios / no dialogue or commentaries

After her arch-nemesis, the King of Spades, escapes from her grasp once more, Detective Jones faces serious criticism from both the public and her boss for her incompetence. Spurned and enraged, Jones is driven to seek a partnership with her enemy in an attempt for revenge against the town for forsaking her.

16. Selfish(org. Henkaeto) / Dir. Souliya Phoumivong / 2018 Laos / 04:17 / Claymation / PROFESSIONAL / no dialogue or commentaries

Every one every people have selfishness inside their mind the different is less or more, we can’t recognize that who will be selfish until we see what they have done. So don’t be easy to trust what you see some time it will surprising you.

17. Terrorvision 3000 / Dir. Merry Wijaya, Yujin Sick / 2018 Indonesia / 06:24 / Digital Drawing / PROFESSIONAL/ Prod: Percolate Galactic / dialogues and commentaries (film in English)

A signal interruption disturbs the late night TV as four men are about to watch a program that will change their lives forever.

18. The Fish / Dir. Hae Min Park, Min Ru Lee / 2018 Singapore / 02:45 / Digital Painting / STUDENT / no dialogue or commentaries

When his pet goldfish dies, Jun starts to see illusions of fish everywhere in his daily life from the guilt of not saving the goldfish in time. One night, in his nightmare, Jun meets his dead goldfish once again.

19. Unstring Your Heart / Dir. Sigit Hermawan / 2018-2019 Indonesia / 08:10 / 3D Animation / PROFESSIONAL / Prod: Rus Animation Studio / no dialogue or commentaries

Moes and his marionette Djoem see their street perfoming spot taken by another puppeteer, meily and her marionette Rierie. Annoyed, Moes intentionally disrupts her performance. Karma it may be, Moes performance disupts by rain. even worse he loses Djoem. On the other hand, Meily and Rie rie who currently shelters from rain sees a small wooden toy lying at the side of the road…

20. What Has To Be/ Dir. Jerrold Chong / 2018 Singapore / 10:45 / Traditional Drawing Animation / PROFESSIONAL / Prod: Finding Pictures / dialogues and commentaries (film not in English must be subtitled in English)

Husband and Wife grapple with the tragic death of their firstborn as they await the arrival of their second. Their recollections reveal a dark, repressed history within the space they call home.