Udeido Collective

Udeido is a collective space that was formed to support Papuans young artists in their attempts to explore social phenomenons and humanities in Papua.

Packed in shapes of visual art Udeido Collective was founded in 2018 with it’s real collectives spreads in many Papua’s towns such as Jayapura, Wamena, Timika, Fak-Fak, Nabire, including artists who are studying in Java Island.

Udeido Collective Space placed the reading of Papua as its main spirit in creating arts.

On how to read Papua from inside and outside, or how to place Papua’s discourse in regional as well as global maps. In it’s practice, Udeido tries to dig into old established concepts of many Papuan’s ethnic groups covering life philosophies,  melodies, folklores, legends, and see their relevance to the current era.

Udeido is a plural of the word ‘Ude’; a type of leaf used by the people of Mee to cover up wounds or bleeding.


Andre Takimai, Betty Adi, Costantinus Raharusun, Dicky Takndare, Michael Yan Devis, Nelson Natkime, Yanto Gombo.


Jl. Nabire Dok VII Pertamina, Kelurahan Imbi, Jayapura Utara, Papua – Indonesia.

Email: udeido.collective@gmail.com