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Southeast Asia COMPETITION

Short for Kids COMPETITION


Jury Members

Hassan Muthalib (Malaysia)
Shizuka Miyazaki (Japan)
Francis Y Brown (Ghana)

Founders & Directors

Piotr Kardas (Poland) Programs Director
Chonie Prysilia (Indonesia) Festival Director
Hizkia Subiyantoro (Indonesia) Excetutive Director

“The Branches”

Tree branches can be like a home for some children. A place to play and do fun things with friends. That is how Udeido Collective interpreted the big theme of The 3rd CRAFT Animfest 2021, THE BRANCHES.

The moment we received the trust to create an art for Craft International Animation Festival with ‘BRANCHES’ as the theme, our memory went straight to our childhood when we glued to tree branches as our playground. For us tree branches were also our hangout spots where we talked about our dreams and hopes. Leaves of branches were like a shelter for children to see the world with nature’s glasses. During childhood a tree branch could be so precious that it would break our heart to see it broken. Branches might not be the only place to chat and tell stories, but being close to branches has made us believe that a branch that is considered fragile has proven strong enough for us to hang on.

~ Udeido Collective

UDEIDO Collective

Udeido is a collective space that was formed to support Papuans young artists in their attempts to explore social phenomenons and humanities in Papua. Packed in shapes of visual art Udeido Collective was founded in 2018 with it’s real collectives spreads in many Papua’s towns such as Jayapura, Wamena, Timika, Fak-Fak, Nabire, including artists who are studying in Java Island.