PROGRAM 1 | 47’

1. (OvO) / Dir. Mônica Moura / 2018 Brazil / 03:55 / Claymation/Object Animation / STUDENT / no dialogue or commentaries

Things were going fine for the chickens, but evolution took a scary turn and the future is now uncertain.

2. 6:1 / Dir. Sergei Ryabov / 2018 Russian Federation / 02:53 / Claymation / PROFESSIONAL / no dialogue or commentaries

Inseparable Girl and Cat are playing checkers. The cat loses over and over…

3. A Whole New World / Dir. Qaharu Aulia Daroyat / 2019 Indonesia / 06:49 / Digital Drawing / STUDENT / dialogues in Indonesian

Kiya is a girl who loves drawing so much. And his favorite character is Bubu. When drawing, Kiya plays cellphone. Bubu get envy and it’s alive. Bubu makes a fantasy world so Kiya plays with him. They’re playing and exploring the fantasy world happily.

4. Balance / Dir. Raymond Limantara Sutisna / 2018 Singapore / 03:36 / Digital Drawing / STUDENT / no dialogue or commentaries

Balance is a 2D animated short film about a boy and a girl fighting for painting space, both refusing to give in until the mess they create goes out of control. They then realise the only way out is to work together and strive for coexistence.

5. Batik Girl / Dir. Irwan Junaidy Azmi / 2018 Malaysia / 09:11 / Digital Drawing / PROFESSIONAL / no dialogue or commentaries

Struggling to cope after a recent tragedy, a young girl finds herself drawn into a magical world within a batik painting.

6. Big Heart / Dir. Kher Sengdala / 2018 Laos / 06:01 / Claymation / STUDENT / Prod: National Institute of Fine Arts Laos / no dialogue or commentaries

7. Chiripajas / Dir. Jaume Quiles, Olga Poliektova / 2017 Spain, Russia / 01:55 / Object Animation / PROFESSIONAL/ no dialogue or commentaries

Ecological film about big adventure of one small turtle which is trying to find his family.

8. Easygoing Teddy (org. MEDO TRAPAVKO) / Dir. Tomislav Gregl / 2017 Croatia / 08:06 / Digital Drawing/Clay/Ink on Paper / PROFESSIONAL / no dialogue or commentaries

The story of friendship and kindness. Easygoing Teddy is a playful little bear who doesn’t really care about forest rules. One day, after he saves the bee from a trouble, he earns a friendship that will change his life.

9. Grow / Dir. Febby Yauwanita / 2018 Singapore / 02:26 / Digital Drawing / STUDENT/ no dialogue or commentaries

Sprout who always compare herself to her friend that grows much faster than her. Where she realised her growth are not as fast as her friend. She would do what her friend does hoping that she could grow as fast, not knowing that different people would need different necessities and care.

10. Jack The Chicken / Dir. Ari Bakkas Pratama / 2019 Indonesia / 03:02 / Digital Drawing / STUDENT / no dialogue or commentaries

Jack is a chicken which is different from the others. He feel so bored to eat the chicken food, and make him to looking some food that will be never chicken think before.

PROGRAM 2 / 55’

11. Muedra / Dir. Cesar Diaz Melendez / 2019 Spain / 09:00 / Stop motion Animation on nature/Claymation / PROFESSIONAL / no dialogue or commentariesLife can arise anywhere, nature behave strangely and days can last for minutes. Although everything is familiar to us, nothing is what it seems in this place.

12. Om Nom Nom…/ Dir. Minato Matuda, Tomoko Taiga, Haruna Ueno / 2019 Japan / 03:07 / Traditional Cut-Out Animation/Puppet / STUDENT / no dialogue or commentaries

One day, a hungry dinosaur came across a weird jumping egg in the forest. He swallowed it, and then felt some strange rumblings in his tummy. Well, well, well…

13. The calves (org. Телёнок и носорог) / Dir. Bela Bulgakova / 2019 Germany / 10:39 / Traditional Drawing Animation / STUDENT/ no dialogue or commentaries

A story about two calves looking for their disappeared mother.

14. The Way Home / Dir. Kai Lun Pang / 2018 Singapore / 11:50 / 3D Animation / STUDENT / no dialogue or commentaries

Ana crash lands on a dangerous planet and meets a curious creature while waiting for rescue. When it ruins her one way ticket back, Ana must learn to trust her newfound friend to find the way home.

15. Tiger / Dir. Nurul Nafisah / 2018 Malaysia / 02:50 / Puppet Animation / STUDENT / no dialogue or commentaries

Tells about a young tiger who is too hopeful that a durian tree grows fruitful.

16. TUKIK / Dir. Steven Halim / 2018 Indonesia / 04:20 / 3D Animation / STUDENT / commentaries in Indonesian (subtitled in English)

Tukik, who has just hatched saw the sea and ran as fast as she could towards it. As soon as she arrived at the sea, Little Tukik swam happily while also looking at the beauty of the the seafloor around her.

23 years later, Tukik returned to the beach and wanted to lay her eggs. On her way there, she found out that the beach was covered by trashes. When she wanted to come back to the sea, she was entrapped by them.

17. While I keep on Dreaming (org. Όσο Συνεχίζω να Ονειρεύομαι) / Dir. Georgios Chatzellis / 2018 Greece / 06:21 / Traditional Drawing Animation/Digital Drawing / STUDENT / no dialogue or commentaries

The story follows a young girl, who is reading a fairy tale about a fox that appears in front of her when she falls asleep and drags her to the book’s imaginary world. Inside that world the girl finds a tree in where her dreams are visualized, which the shapeshifting fox eats to gain power.

18. Yikásdáhí – Awaits the dawn (org. Yikásdáhí – Espera el amanecer) / Dir. Gabriela Clar / 2018 Argentina / 07:35 / Traditional Cut-Out Animation / STUDENT / no dialogue or commentaries

When the time comes to create the sky chart, the Black God takes his blueprints and a sack filled with stars to set about creating the constellations. But things get complicated when his actions catch the eye of Coyote, a troublemaker who thinks any excuse is good enough to make some mischief. Based on a Navajo legend.