Animation Conference Speakers

Adhicipta R Wirawan | Boardgame Designer (Mechanimotion)
Presentation: "Kolaborasi Animasi & Board Game sebagai Pengembangan IP"

A board game designer since 2012 with over 5 design experiences commercial video games and board games. Wrote several books about information technology and games published by Kompas Gramedia Group. The last book written was entitled "Let's Make an Educational Board Game", published independently in 2022 and has been used in various schools and colleges.

Presentation: “VJ Mapping Projection”

A visual artist and CG artist who has recently been active in various video mapping performance events.

Together with the Holution Team, he designed a large-scale performance concept.

Presentation: “Persistence in Animation”

A creative and collaborative animator with 9+ years of experience working on AAA titles in a deadline-driven environment. Being a senior animator, having a lead and managed team and vendors, and a producer for Indonesia animation. He Founded LEOMOTION Studio in 2020.

Presentation: "Peta jalan menuju industri animasi"
Aditya is the founder of MOCCA Animation in 2013 with his professional animator friends. Has many years of industrial experience and has implemented projects to national and international standards. Its vision is to become a market leader in Indonesia by creating international standard animation. Animation for animated series in 2D and 3D has become the studio's core competency.
Presentation: "Anime di Balik Layar: Perjalanan Karir Menuju Dunia Profesional"
After living, studying, and working as a compositor at an animation studio in Japan, Aswin returned to Indonesia and founded a studio to work on various Japanese animation projects and plans to develop his own IP. JIVA Animation Studio was born in mid-2023 in the city of Malang and immediately started working on Anime Series projects.
Presentation:   “Reputasi di Industri Animasi”
Experienced 3D Animator with a demonstrated history of working in the animation industry. Skilled in Computer Animation, Traditional Animation, XSI, Animation, and Comics. Strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.). He founded ROUNDBOX Animation in 2017 with Mahrus Ali, since then they are producing high quality animation from series to big screen. the key members are highly talented and experienced professionals. Roundbox animation have the resources, skills and experience to take your idea and bring it to life.
MERRY WIJAYA  | Animation Director
Presentation:  "The Challenges as an Animation Director and Beyond"
Merry worked in some of Indonesia's best animation studios for about 6 years. Started as a storyboard artist in 2016; She managed to excel further earlier in her career in the lead and supervising position, then eventually directed some animation projects.
Presentation:  "Alih Wahana Animasi"
Animator and founder of ENGGAL Studio, an animation and new media studio in the city of Malang. Kurniawan has experience working on 3D animation and ride projects for multimedia, museum, education, and entertainment. He also teaches and is a creative consultant.
BAMBI GUNAWAN  | 2D Animator
Presentation:   "Karakter IP Mas Be"
Lecturer in 2D Animation at several universities, owner of IP: MAS BE, author of animation books. He is active as an animation judge, trainer, and shares knowledge in the animation community.
Presentation:   : 'Budaya, Inspirasi dan Eksplorasi: Ide & Pengembangan Cerita'
Chandra Endroputro is an film director and storyteller from Indonesia. He has been involved in the world of animation since 1992. At that time, he was involved in the short animated project "Garuda Wisnu Kencana". puppet show series "Adventure of Kido", "Sesame Street Indonesia" and many more. Another work by Chandra Endroputro is the widescreen 3D semi-animated film "Janus Last Soldier". He initiate Indonesiana TV to advancing arts & Indonesian culture through digital streamming TV platforms.
Presentation:   : "Animasi bukan Sebatas Film"
Robby is a passionate animation enthusiast. He teaches 2D animation theory, works as an art director and storyboard artist at a local animation studio, and actively shares knowledge in animation studies through the PENGAJIANIMASI community.
YUDHATAMA  | Animation Director/Producer (MANIMONKI)
Presentation:   :  "Membangun Studio Animasi"
Yudhatama is an animation artist who has experience for 2 decades. He founded Studio Manimonki, an award-winning and animation production studio located in the city of Solo, Indonesia. He hopes that his love for animation can touch and inspire many people.
Eki NF  | Animation Writter/Director/Producer (MPic)
Presentation:   :  "Keep Moving with Blessing"
Eki NF, a TV series writer with thousands of episodes. He is an art lover, his animation career became known when he wrote the animation series "Adit Sopo Jarwo" and became COO at a large animation company, MPIC in Jakarta. Currently completing the second Animated Film Feature "Adit Sopo Jarwo The Movie".